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Whether you're an apartment dweller with too little storage space, a homeowner who wants to "de-clutter" to make your home more attractive for sale, or a business owner needing extra space for seasonal inventory or files and records, self storage is an easy, convenient and affordable way to keep your belongings safe, sound and out of your way!

At Central Self-Storage we are pleased to offer a convenient, secure and inexpensive way to store your belongings. Our facility, located at 333 Main Street in Bible Hill is equipped with yard lighting and security fencing with computer controlled gate access. If you have any questions about our services you can use the form below, email info@centralself-storage.ca or call us at directly at (902) 893-3388.

We offer 24-hour access - so you can move your goods when it's most convenient for you.

We are proud to be an Authorized U-Haul Dealer – making a move? Across town or across the country, we make it easy and affordable.

We are also a proud member of:
Self Storage Association (SSA)
At Central Self Storage we offer:

  • Five different sizes - from a closet up to 10 x 20 foot space - all with 10 foot ceilings!
  • Convenient location - easy in, easy out!
  • Secure compound with computer controlled access gate.
  • Bright, well lit yard.
  • We sell packing boxes in 3 sizes.
  • Drive up access - no stairs or elevators to deal with!
  • 24 hour access - 7 days a week.
  • Rentals on a month by month basis - no long term contract to sign.
  • Pre-payment discount available.
  • Convenient payment options - we accept cash, cheque, visa, mastercard and debit card.

Residential Storage

If you've sold your house and have to rent for a while, store your extra furniture until you find the home you're looking for.
  • Selling your home? Store extra items to “de-clutter” and make our house look more spacious and attractive!
  • Is your apartment short on space? Holiday decorations, extra furniture, camping gear…just about any household goods can be stored at very reasonable rates.
  • Building a new home? Store your belongings while your new home is being built or are experiencing construction delays.
  • Dalhousie Students - going home for the summer? Store all of your dorm items here…we’re just down the road!
Commercial Storage

For commercial customers we offer year round storage solutions for all types of materials, inventory and equipment.
  • Use your office or retail space more efficiently.
    Are those boxes and file cabinets of business records eating up your space? We offer a surprisingly affordable warehousing alternative.
  • Retail store owners - buy stock at volume discount prices and store extra inventory.
  • Doctors, lawyers, accountants...keep office costs down by storing outdated client files.
Seasonal Storage

When you're not using seasonal items, store them!

Lawn & patio furniture, barbecue grills, bicycles, golf clubs, garden tools…whatever will be in your way until Spring…store it! During the warm weather months, free up space at home by storing winter tires, ski equipment, winter clothing, the snow blower…you name it!
CENTRAL Self-Storage Tips:

These are just a few hints to make packing and storing your belongings a little easier:
  1. Fill boxes to capacity for easier stacking and to prevent them from collapsing, and put the heavier ones on the bottom. Avoid stacking boxes too high.

  2. Label your boxes thoroughly and keep items you may need to access frequently near the door.

  3. The use of shelving helps you get more use out of your space. If possible leave a narrow walkway down the centre for easier access, and air space around the perimeter to allow for ventilation.

  4. Do not put screws or nails in walls or hang anything from or across walls.

  5. Store mirrors and paintings on end, not flat.

  6. Mattress and sofa covers are always recommended to prevent moisture build up or dust from collecting. Be sure to stand mattresses straight up so they maintain their shape. Sofas can be stored on end to take up less space.

  7. Storing food, perishables, combustibles, dangerous goods and firearms is prohibited. If you are unsure of what goods are acceptable to store, please ask us.

  8. Appliances must be thoroughly clean and dry. Keep freezer and refrigerator doors slightly ajar. Remove vacuum cleaner bags and cover openings.

  9. To preserve metal, wipe surfaces with a cloth containing a few drops of machine oil.

  10. Make up an inventory of your stored items and keep it in a safe place for future reference.
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333 Main Street, Bible Hill, Nova Scotia
Centrally located - 24-hour access - yard lighting - security fencing - computer controlled gate access.